-Humor is sticky!

Ok now this one is a killer. We’re going to start this article by showing you a video featuring the famous George Carlin (courtesy Laugh.com), and then throwing 2 questions at you:

Ques 1. How often have you been told about the importance of using humor during training or presentations and how it helps generate interest, keeps your audience hooked, makes learning stick yada yada yada?
Probable answer - Always!

Ques 2. How many train-the-trainer courses have ACTUALLY provided you with specific TECHNIQUES or INSTRUCTIONS for using humor or cracking a joke?
Probable answer - Maybe NONE!

We know you’re going to kill us for this, but most education in comedy either lies in comedy clubs or theatre or entertainment or writing workshops … not in train-the-trainer workshops!This is one aspect of communication that most communication skills trainings tend to overlook.

Well we can’t turn you into a comedian with just this article but we sure can provide you with some free sticky techniques and quick tips to get your audience smiling (better still, laughing), all packaged in a WHAT-WHY-HOW format … all in our next post.