-Essential reads you ought to stick to

This section lists some of the most essential pieces of writing that anyone wanting to create a strong foundation and framework should read. To learn more about why its important, read the section on 'DO NOT read this page’.

For more info on these titles from the world wide web, you may run a Sticky recommended search located on top of this page, or hit the nearest bookstore to get your hands on them.We will keep adding to this list as and when newer posts are added.

Since the list is expected to become quite huge, we would be categorizing and indexing them and adding external links for easy search. Happy reading!

  • Think and grow rich .. Napoleon Hill
  • How to win friends and influence people .. Dale Carnegie
  • Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway .. Jeffers
  • Mastery .. George Leonard
  • Frogs Into Princes (NLP).. Bandler and Grinder
  • The Secret of Creating Your Future (Timeline therapy) .. Tad James
  • Psycho Cybernetics .. Maxwell Maltz
  • The Strangest Secret .. Earl Nightingale
  • Speak Easy .. Arjun Raina
  • The Sound of your voice - Carol Flemming
  • Don’t Undress to Impress …SKB
  • Body Language … Alan Pease, Julius Fast
  • Comedy writing secrets .. Melvin Helitzer
  • Games Trainers Play .. Edward E. Scannell and John W. Newstrom
  • The Accelerated Learning Handbook .. Dave Meier
  • How to Mind Map .. Tony Buzan
  • Use Both sides of your Brain .. Tony Buzan
  • FISH! .. Stephen C. Lundin
  • Nuts! .. Kevin Freiberg
  • Good to Great .. Jim Collins
  • 7 Habits of highly effective people .. Stephen Covey
  • Mavericks at Work .. William C. Taylor
  • Ogilvy on Advertising .. David Ogilvy
  • Beyond Disruption .. Jean-Marie Dru