Welcome to the sticky training homepage and congratulations for finding the best place on the world wide web (we love exaggerations!) for learning how to make your training stick, and how to create immense value for others, with your knowledge.

So if you are a training professional, are going to become one, or are still learning the craft at college, you have hit the right spot. It does not matter if you work for a corporation, a training consultancy, or are on your own as a freelancer. The principles of learning are universal, and no matter which part of the world you belong to, all our brains are made the same way and are hard-wired to LEARN the same way!

What's in it for you

This learning beehive is jam packed with new ideas, techniques and resources for - training design, facilitation, trainers' survival, information marketing and much more - all stuck around the larger framework of teachings of self development, marketing and sales gurus! (and did we mention its all for free?)

So here's step one for you - complete the poll at the bottom of the page to tell us what is it that you would really like to learn, so we may get our muscular brains in action to gather the best of training related education ever available, and sticking it up right here for you!

Step two - Bookmark this page, and watch this space for lots of goodies and some extremely valuable sticky learning!

Step three (optional) - Watch this sticky commercial for Super Bonder (courtesy Publitv) and note down the sticky learnings that you may deduce from it. Remember that you are a trainer and you need to think extra creatively!