-Designing a training program (ISD)

The big topic that everyone’s been searching for. If you have landed on this page through a Google search, congratulations! For being among one of several thousands reading up on this topic as we speak!

And why not …organizations these days look for the best possible training solutions to address their problems, at the lowest possible cost. Return on Investment (ROI) being the buzzword here, and is more important than the actual costs. Basically means how much juice 'y' we manage to squeeze from 'x' number of fruits.
Ok from our lame attempt at adding a twist of humor to that mundane topic lets focus back to why you clicked on this page - to learn how to design a damn good training program.

Since the world wide web is full of information on this topic, we thought it would be much better if directed you to the best possible resources than repeat the entire story on this small web page. (Instructional System Design or Instructional Design or ID is a HUGE topic and this site may not be able to include everything!)
We will however summarize this topic in our own twisted kind of way to help you learn better (remember, being unusual, out of the box or funny helps messages stick. To know more read our section titled ‘Humor is sticky!’)

(add comic strip diagram)

Is someone crying for help? (Is there a performance gap?)

Are you going to be the super hero? (Is there a training need?)

Conducting your investigation (the truth about, and how and why’s of TNA/ TNI)

Enter the ADDIE-man! (Writing SMART objectives using Blooms, creating a design document, choosing experts, assigning trainers - internally or externally or hiring a training firm)

ADDIE stands for - Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate(the ‘man’ was just our attempt of creating another comic book superhero and raking in the moolah in royalties!)

Following are some important resources on ISD that we happened to discover: