-How to choose a Sticky name

Welcome to that aspect of training content development which is given the least amount of time by most trainers - Naming!

Naming can appear deceptively easy and is often treated as an afterthought.

The reality is that it is one of the most important elements of the brand proposition.
In fact, it is a very challenging discipline that is most effectively performed by a specialist.

Can you beat that…. Its a DISCIPLINE and ‘product naming’ is an industry in itself!

Some names are so BAD that they cause the product or service to fail, even though it might be an AWSOME PRODUCT! On the other hand, good names may help a product to not just succeed but to DOMINATE the product category for years.

StickyTraining brings to you a ton of research done in this field, all jam packed into this 13 page report which we like to call - The Training-Naming Report.

Inside you will find loads of tips and proven strategies from the gurus in the field, on selecting a sticky name for your training product; On why some products end up being failures simply because of a bad name, and others end up being superhits.

Logic said that we should charged money for the value being giving out.
But here's the real deal - As our way of saying thank you for sticking to our blog, this 13 page report comes to you absolutely FREE!

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The report is quite detailed and is jam packed with loads of sticky learning. Make the most of it.

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