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Gotcha! By clicking on this page link, your curiosity has helped you discover probably the MOST valuable lesson on Sticky Training: Train the Trainer.
The dictionary defines curiosity as 'a need, thirst or desire for KNOWLEDGE'.
Everyday, thousands of people hunt for something on the internet - Google to be precise. That something is 'knowledge'. Knowledge that would help them solve a problem or lead a better life or become good at something or just satisfy their curiosity. Think about what made you search for the knowledge contained on this webpage.
Talking of knowledge, we’ll introduce you to the idea that Peter Drucker introduced several decades ago, called the KNOWLEDGE WORKER and as a knowledge worker …or as a training professional, you work mostly with your mind (and not do much of manual labor).

The phenomenon of knowledge workers, trainers, life coaches or personal development, self help gurus is not recent. The grand daddy being Sigmund Freud (of the Freudian slip fame) he founded the theory of the unconscious mind and the potential it holds. After that came Dale Carnegie with How to win Friends and Influence People one of the world’s best selling books of all time, considered second only to the Bible, in sales! Napoleon Hill in his classic Think and Grow Rich wrote his philosophy of personal and business success after conducting a 20 year study of the most successful people in the world. Earl Nightingale in his book The Strangest Secret wrote his famous quote ‘We become what we think about’. Bandler and Grinder broke down human experience and the way we take information in, forming blocks came up with Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP.
(We’ll talk about these and few other gurus and their teachings in a little more detail in the section ‘Essential readings you ought to stick to!’)
Why the heck are we talking about all this?
Each of these gurus are pioneers who discovered the different pieces of the human potential puzzle and have given them to us as basic building blocks. Its now up to us, the future teachers of this world, to take their methods, apply them to the world and help the world be a better place and help people lead better lives.
These gurus have given us a framework, a structure, a blue print to hang our concepts and ideas on. Concepts and ideas which relate to our situations.
With this framework in place, when you teach or train, it gives those teachings a UNIVERSAL APPEAL and you come across with the power, authority and clarity that resonates with your learners, and in the process creates a IMMENSE VALUE, and learning THAT STICKS.

Our advice - feed and exercise your mind, gather lots of knowledge and build a rock solid foundation and a great looking framework.
Stay hungry, stay curious and always stay sticky!