- Demonstrate your Sticky Value Proposition (SVP)

‘’Move the free line!’’ said Eben Pagan. And when he said that, he gave the information-marketing world a very valuable lesson. Being a great trainer, Eben is a phenomenal marketer as well and moving the free line concept can be applied to a variety of products and services. It simply means that - If we want to GET value from the world, we need to GIVE value first.
You cannot expect your car to run for you without YOU giving it some clean fuel first, and the periodic maintenance.
As a trainer or as someone who is in the profession of imparting knowledge and skills, it becomes super important for you to be someone who is a CREATOR of value.
Once you create value for others, you automatically make a deposit into their emotional bank account (read Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits for more on this topic; also read about his concept of abundance mentality).
The next step is to ensure that THIS VALUE STICKS, without any withdrawals being made from the account. The idea is to gain trust & respect and BUILD A RELATIONSHIP.
Hence your ability to create massive amount of value for others is something that we like to call Sticky Value Proposition or SVP.
Giving away something for free (in this case learning) or without expecting anything in return may sound a bit difficult to do, but you need to cultivate this as a habit. That’s just step one!
In the next set of articles you would learn how to keep and enhance your SVP and convert it into wealth for yourself.
We’ll leave you with some examples and ideas of demonstrating SVP (or what we happened to observe around us):

  • At office if you happen to help someone out or do a short training activity proactively, do not EXPECT an ‘appreciation mail’ of sorts. It would come anyway!

  • Giving a short crash course to your not so tech savvy work mate on how to make their Powerpoint slide look great so that he/she struggles no more

  • Giving away free learning on your website (like we’re doing!)

  • Doctors offering free consultation

  • .

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  • Can you think of more ways (big or small in which you have or you can demonstrate SVP for yourself?)
    And trust us on this one - There's nothing mushy here. It's just good business!